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Stickman Stained Glass Wind Chimes

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 All creations are the handiwork of Ed, "Stickman" Carder, and Becky, "Lazy Frog" Carder, of Gainesboro, Tennessee.
We welcome all questions, comments, and scrap fabric!
So get comfy as we take you on a guided tour of our little workshop on the hill, and introduce you to our creations.
Every week we'll try to have something new for you.. either "ramblings from the hill", a stunningly beautiful stained glass windchime, one of "Lazy Frog's" amazing patchwork dresses,  or many one of a kind stained glass stepping stones for your gardens, as we explore so many wonderful places, and share our journey with you.. through words...and photographs. 
All Creations MADE IN THE USA
(due to high costs of shipping, we don't offer sales outside of the United States)

Jungle Symphony Windchime
Stickman Stained Glass Designs

Our New Sign for Our WEE WORKSHOP on the Hill
created by Lazy Frog

Our Sign POST

Misty Mountain Morning.. from the kitchen window

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This particular green chime is another one of my favorites!  Okay, Okay...They're all my favorites!  I love watching Ed, (Stickman), create his chimes He is so passionate in his work.. I have seen him take apart entire chimes if he feels it lacks what he was trying to create... but, by the same token, he has watched me spend an entire evening carefully ripping out a seam on something that didn't quite meet my expectations.

Stickman Stained Glass

This is Frank, my boss, and worst critic.  He is also my best buddy when Ed is away.  We both dote over Frank, since he is the one remaining as the kids grew up and left home..<sigh>

My Boss watches me work

This is a picture of a part of our garden.  Everything is a work in progress.  We had some super huge tomatoes and squash growing, but the rabbits and deer have decided that we must be catering to them as well. 

A Peek into Our Garden
Pics from: "The House on the Hill"

Whimsical Birdhouses
by Lazy Frog Designs

Loving Our New Door Bell

Whimsical Birdhouses
by Lazy Frog Designs

"Keys on the Table" .. whimsical sofa table
by Lazy Frog Designs

Dabbling in wire art led to the creation of several wire trees, most with glass beads, a few with gemstones.  After the first one, I was hooked!  

Wire Beaded Tree
Lazy Frog Designs

Frayed Denim Applique Hippie Peace Dress
Lazy Frog Designs

I made this frayed denim scoop-neck dress letting my imagination go a little wild, combining a touch of "Woodstock" inside a huge PEACE sign..   I loved how it turned out!

Watercan Windchime
Stickman Stained Glass Designs

This stunning windchime hangs in our garden from a shepherds hook, placed so it looks as though it waters down on the roses..  It is simply beautiful when the morning sun is absorbed into the textured glass in the chime...making it appear as though it is lit up from the inside...  This is one of my favorite chimes!  "Thank you, Ed."

Watercan Windchime
Stickman Stained Glass Designs

Here is the same watercan windchime with the sun filling the textured glass with such a beautiful light...

This is the look he gives me that melts my heart..so I simply scoop him up.

Frank wants some attention

Baby Gonzo
Our New Addition... May 2012

Presenting this unique patchy, appliqed throw pillow.  This was one of those times I loved working with plaids!!

Appliqued Patchwork Pillow
Lazy Frog Designs

Thank you for your support!!

Wishing you a peaceful day.

Ed & Becky Carder

Schelley  Knob LN

Gainesboro, TN  38562

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